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Think about this definition for a daily experience of regeneration.

You go to bed every night, sometimes feeling tired, sometimes as tired as an alcoholic feels drunk. You don’t drink or eat anything, you may feel fatigued as can be and yet, when you settle into that fatigue, no longer trying to “beat it”, you wake up, feeling at least a magnitude more energetic than when you fell asleep. And you probably have a whole new outlook to boot upon wake up.

That’s the regeneration most practical form of regeneration. You are allowing the body the space and time to “re” regenerate (recuperate) its power, via electrons and protons coming back into balance across the gradients of your cells enabling voltage to be generated at a higher level, neurotransmitters and a whole cascade of quantum and physiological processes to reset so you can generate (stimulate) energy again for higher performance activities. This is the energy that restores and heals your body/brain and prepares you for another surge forward in the world.

And without enough of that re-generation time and space balanced with activity, experienced during rest, recovery, relaxation, meditation or rejuvenation often (not always) in a state of feeling tired, you can pretty much guarantee any therapy that will “enhance, the bodies natural healing powers” is going to be limited in terms of effects. And, those healing effects are going to be strung out over longer periods of time, as your life force is weakened.

Not the subject of this article, but when you get grounded in the experience of your life force energy, many experience this as a spiritual rebirth as well, as they leave the world of the personal, of their thoughts and feelings alone. They become primarily identified as “spirit” or a human extension of the intelligent energy of the universe itself. But we’ll save that insight for another time.

Without regeneration at the energetic and tissues level, frankly our body/brain would degenerate fast, and candidly, that’s what happens these days. Millions of people are overspending the infinite (their energy) and not giving their body/brain the time it needs to regenerate the life force energy that is sourcing that which animates and illuminates us all.

From fatigue, cognitive impairment and physical deconditioning, to weight, health, and neurodegenerative diseases… the lack of regeneration is in play, evident in even the simplest acts such as drinking coffee, overconsuming food to stimulate oneself to get through a long day or turning to exercise to wake up a fatigued body. Let alone a driving reason why people turn to drugs and alcohol.

Is overeating a problem of nutrition? Sure it is, but nutrition is not usually the lone cause. One will overeat even healthy food if suffering from excess stress and fatigue.

So, regeneration, for the purposes of this article is focused mainly at the life force energy and tissue levels in ways many of us can relate to. And it’s possible, you have come to realize regeneration is only possible when you allow the innate intelligence of the body to do its thing unimpeded by outside stimulating forces.

The intelligence that creates tens of millions of cells every second, maintains trillions (yes, Trillions) of cellular communications (in each cell!) simultaneously (and that’s just for starters) all while you think through complex situations every day as you navigate the world; does not require many outside influences to work is greatest wonders.

To understand regeneration, you must at least appreciate that intelligent energy, that works at the quantum level, if you are ever going to understand regeneration as a human experience and its practical application in the material world. Science is getting sharp now at how to explain it more concretely, but foam rollers, stretching, movement, and even nutrition are too simplistic to do the subject any justice; and experiments on starfish are too disconnected from your experience to make it real.

Every day you are generating energy, and using your body, and then regenerating your energy and body to start the process all over again; yet the regeneration side of the equation is getting epically squeezed, compromising our ability to get up and go in today’s performance culture without external influences and the risk of mental and physical breakdown.

Too many of us are suffering from being constantly tired, exhausted and chronically fatigued and every other aspect of your lifestyle is, will be and remain challenged, including life itself,  if this is stays true for you.

Now, you can learn how to break that pattern, and change that experience. You do so, by making a “regeneration transformation” with the most advanced protocol, or strategy for making a full recovery from fatigue and its effects on your life. Historically, the sheer magnitude of this idea has never even been clear. So few have even attempted it and those who have know it has not been easy. But here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, we are changing that.

We are are enabling people to make a regeneration transformation, so they can get on with living their life without the fatigue, pain, and challenge that distract and hold them back from living at their potential at Regenus Centers™ powered, by Performance Lifestyle® where you can engage in ‘The 3 Step Performance Recovery Process™’.

The 3 Step Performance Recovery Process™’ is what makes a “Regeneration Transformation” possible.

The thing to keep in mind is this; remember when I mentioned that sleep, rest, recovery… were the key to regenerating at the cellular level? It’s true, but you likely won’t be able to focus on the lifestyle re-training required to be successful at the level you want (Step 3), until you take Steps 1 and 2.

These steps will enable you to overcome the excess stress, pain, and strain from the past, that will give you the motivation to keep going.

  1. Regeneration therapy at the cellular physical level using the core therapies that reset, recharge and renew, such as red light therapy—whole body light therapy or as it’s becoming known ‘photobiomodulation,’ red light laser therapy, and infrared sauna.
  2. Kinetic therapy for a functional performance level that helps restore, and repair your body; such as, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and active release technique.
  3. Lifestyle re-training (a “performance” therapy) so that learn the mindset and skill set for living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

You take these three steps so that you can resolve the excess stress and strain, pain, and challenges if the past, that distracts and hold you back from staying focused on your life goals—family, business or career, sporting or creative pursuits—evolve with a new lifestyle mindset and skillset and achieve your goals with the quality of life you want in the process.

You ultimately make a Regeneration Transformation by living a performance lifestyle, but you may need to recover from the excess stress of the past first. You can do so as a Member of a center like Regenus Center™ by Performance Lifestyle if you are in the Northern New Jersey area at this time. If you aren’t, you can learn from us, and then use the combination of a local recovery center, rehab (chiropractor or sports rehab) and coaching to mimic our 3 Step Performance Recovery System.™

At Regenus Center, we don’t water it down, we just make it simple for you. When you start to recharge, restore and reactivate, and ultimately get connected with what’s sourcing it all, regeneration, you will perform, look and feel better and transform your life.

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