Steps to Begin Your Regeneration Transformation Part 3

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At Performance Lifestyle Inc, we are helping people correct the course of their lives; for starters, by helping people make what we are referring to as a “regeneration transformation,” so they can get on with living their life without the fatigue, pain, and challenges those conditions influence that distracts and hold them back from living at their potential.

So, aren’t fatigue and pain only conditions that the sickly, injured, or old have to deal with? Well, no; achievers-types the world over suffer from both, though it usually gets covered up and undiagnosed as they, we, continue on the path of achieving our goals.

For example, in just the last two year Lady Gaga, Morgan Freeman and countless others have talked about such fatigue, in the form of fibromyalgia. Justin Beiber canceled his tour due to unforeseen circumstances, and Avicii who recently passed from the effects of overexertion and fatigue. Chester Bennington and Robin Williams also suffered the effects of being “always on.”

So you can see, accomplished people suffer from fatigue and it’s becoming known that the compounded effects of fatigue are at least deleterious but at most can cause a premature death, so this is not something to scoff at as you push through all the warning signs of fatigue and burnout to finish that next project. 

We founded Regenus Centers™ powered, by Performance Lifestyle® to help people recover from the effects of excess stress to recover their human performance; so they can look, feel and perform like a much younger person and not get pushed to the edges of living where there are sometimes terrible consequences.

And few things compromise your health and wellness, more than overspending your energy on a regular basis, not getting enough sleep, living out of accordance with circadian rhythms or your natural cycles, with too much stress, pushing through non-stop days and weeks then eating your way stimulate yourself through the day (even if that’s coffee) and using even exercise as a stimulant to keep, while you activate a fatigued body.

You can get away with that in the short terms but keep it up too long and before you know it, you are suffering from fatigue and chronic pain. And the wake-up call to that injurious path is when a good night sleep doesn’t even solve the problem anymore as your ability to function and perform as a human being waned into pain. As you can see, many very successful people deal with this plight.

So in a regeneration transformation, you are in effect changing your lifestyle in a macro sense at the start and then adjusting it ongoing so you don’t end up in that danger zone ever again. The very steps you need to take to transform your energy, health, and performance are the very same steps you need to take to crush it in life (your family, career, sport or creative pursuit) without getting crushed!

It starts with Sleep Performance, training the one-third of your life that the other two-thirds depend on. Sleep is the foundation of a Performance Lifestyle (PL) and you will learn more about sleep and the lifestyle you want to master in PL365.

Now the question is, what do you do if you are already suffering from pain. It’s pretty hard to affect change in your life if fatigue and chronic pain are present in your life experience, especially if you don’t have a lifestyle mindset and skillset and are prey to the countless, well meaning, practitioners all acting as hammers of their own unique kind and you are the nail. It can be daunting and overwhelming to say the least.

Recover from the Excess Stress of the Past. 

What we are saying here is that underlying your inability to perform at the higher levels you may be used to is compounding fatigue and the effects of that fatigue, such as pain. It’s a bold but simple hypothesis and we think you will see this as true in your experience.

‘The 3 Step Performance Recovery Process™’ as a physical place where one can begin their transformation. If you can’t go to a Regenus Center because there isn’t one yet in your area, you can be sure to learn from our information.

The 3 Step Performance Recovery Process™’ is what makes a “Regeneration Transformation” possible.

The thing to keep in mind is this; remember when I mentioned that sleep, rest, recovery… were the key to regenerating at the cellular level? It’s true, but you likely won’t be able to focus on the lifestyle re-training required to be successful at the level you want (Step 3), until you take Steps 1 and 2.

These steps will enable you to overcome the excess stress, pain, and strain from the past, that will give you the motivation to keep going.

  1. Regeneration therapy at the cellular physical level using the core therapies that reset, recharge and renew, such as red light therapy—whole body light therapy or as it’s becoming known ‘photobiomodulation,’ red light laser therapy, and infrared sauna.
  2. Kinetic therapy for a functional performance level that helps restore, and repair your body; such as, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and active release technique.
  3. Lifestyle re-training (a “performance” therapy) so that learn the mindset and skill set for living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

You take these three steps so that you can resolve the excess stress and strain, pain, and challenges if the past, that distracts and hold you back from staying focused on your life goals—family, business or career, sporting or creative pursuits—evolve with a new lifestyle mindset and skill set and achieve your goals with the quality of life you want in the process.

You ultimately make a Regeneration Transformation by living a performance lifestyle, but you may need to recover from the excess stress of the past first. You can do so as a Member of a center like Regenus Center™ by Performance Lifestyle if you are in the Northern New Jersey area at this time. If you aren’t, you can learn from us, and then use the combination of a local recovery center, rehab (chiropractor or sports rehab) and coaching to mimic our 3 Step Performance Recovery System.™

At Regenus Center, we don’t water it down, we just make it simple for you. When you start to recharge, restore and reactivate, and ultimately get connected with what’s sourcing it all, regeneration, you will perform, look and feel better and transform your life.

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