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Fuel Your Body So You Can Perform Well

Athletes know that—along with smart planning, expert coaching, proper rest, and just plain hard work—nutrition plays a crucial role in sports performance and overall fitness. No matter how well or hard you train, your body can’t improve and get stronger or faster without the building blocks to power and repair itself. You need nutrient-dense fuel to feed your sport—and it needs to be fast, easy to digest, and portable.

Superfood Infusions™ are an athlete’s best friend and a fitness buff’s dream. Loaded with rich nutrition, bursting with flavor and ready to take and eat anywhere, these satisfying squeeze packs will provide just the right amount of athletic fuel for your activities—and make for an ideal recovery snack afterwards.

No more need to grimace your way through overly sweet and nutrition-poor gels; dry, crumbly, isolate-filled and super-sugary bars; artificially flavored and colored “sports drinks”—or bruised fruit! No more struggling to find a pre-race meal that won’t take hours to digest—or too much time and trouble to grab on the go. The convenience, shelf-life and of these smoothies makes adding nutrient density and variety to your sporting a breeze—and delicious too!

Get your fruits without the sugar and chemicals, and your veggies without jamming a salad before a race! And bonus: you get Vitamin B12 you need to replenish—all without anything artificial whatsoever. Try one before, during, or after your next workout or race, and see the difference!