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As many of you know, as a career, I’m what’s called a Performance Lifestyle trainer and coach, and a lifestyle entrepreneur. I help people up to big things in life, crush it, and achieve even their most ambitious goals, without getting crushed under the pressure of excess stress and fatigue…

Excess stress and fatigue is something that I suffered from for decades, DECADES and I mean badly. Unbeknownst to those around me, despite being a very goal and success oriented person always up to big things in my life an in good shape; on the inside, I was progressively tiring out and burning out from a very young age.

I was trading my health for success despite eating a supremely healthy diet and exercising/being active and training like a champion doing all the things the guru’s in the fitness and personal development world were motivating me to do.

Ironically, a significant portion of my career has been in the fitness and nutrition business and I’m fairly “expert” in both.

The thing was, I was suffering from something that nutrition and fitness alone can’t solve and don’t solve. I was chronically overspending my energy due to ambitions that were simply crushing me for a variety of reasons and I wanted to change that.

That’s when I got the epiphany that it was all about lifestyle as a whole, and it’s why I gave rise to a whole new lifestyle paradigm over 20 years, called “Performance Lifestyle,” that includes but goes beyond fitness, and healthy eating and perhaps ‘trying to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep each night” usually with plans that are too impotent, too limited or too impractical, to help any of us achievers really thrive the way we are capable of.

Well in 2015, you might remember I was in the hospital due to a fall in an ice storm for nearly 6 weeks and then another two weeks due to complications of being in the hospital that almost killed me; I mean literally. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153147815576412&set=a.10150453071501412&type=3&theater

Well, that episode really upset things in my life, leaving me in a rut https://jam.performancelifestyle.com/a-retrospect-story-about-getting-out-of-a-rut/ for the following year. A confluence of factors, from pain to mayhem in my new startup consumer product business to a baby on the way, etc, etc were all bearing down on me and I needed to things to change.

Now I knew a thing or two about, how to change and improve, and had gotten through tough periods in the past, but getting clear of this was, in retrospect, real-world world-class training for me because I was in the toughest spot I’d ever been in; and worse, for the first time, I didn’t feel like I had the power to change it. I was very tired and my back was failing me.

Like anyone else, especially with 50 coming quickly, I almost wrote it off as “this is what happens when you turn fifty”, with a game face on and a sarcastic story to back it up.

But I knew better, and the fact, that when you are in the throes of fatigue and pain (at any age) your judgment is impaired, and your WILL limited and as the consequences of your storm mount, they do get worse. Even your own expertise can sometimes feel out of reach as was true in my case.

Well, thankfully, I stayed open and my friend and associate Shawn Phillips introduced me to Ari Whitten and that’s when things really began to change rapidly.

Ari had just started publishing The Energy Blueprint, (TEB) and knowing full well, the role energy plays in our lives and how we live it, I signed up, expecting NOTHING but more misguided BS. But I was a little desperate at the time, and it came on good recommendation from Shawn.

Little did I know that it would take my understanding of energy to an even deeper level, much deeper to be frank, and spawn the needed resurgence I so desperately needed at that time.

And that’s why I want to share TEB with you. I asked Ari to become a Performance Lifestyle advisor, back then, and after going through it myself; I committed to sharing The Energy Blueprint as a recommended resource (maybe even prerequisite) to those who engage me and my company in our Performance Lifestyle training, and coaching we offer at both at our new Regenus Center in Florham Park NJ and online.

Energy is probably the least understood aspect of human performance; yet, it’s affecting everything in your life and mine and when we don’t have enough of it, life can become a struggle, maybe such a struggle that you may personalize and think “it’s just you,” “or something is wrong with you.”

The consequences of that and the inevitable coping with that compounded stress, usually in ways that create even more stress, can make life pretty darn tough to endure and waste years.

Well, it’s not “you,” it’s excess stress bearing down on you that’s crushing your energy and spirit and there is something you can do about it. I and many others can attest to that.

And it starts with understanding energy, beyond the nonsense you’ll find from lazy marketers who just want to sell you a bottle of something, that merely keeps the problems in place. It’s why I rarely promote offers from others because they are usually just watered down crap you sell in a box or two over complicated to be implemented.

But that’s not what you’re going to find when you learn The Energy Blueprint. In my opinion, like learning how to walk, every person needs to understand energy if they are going to live healthily and successfully.

When you learn about human energy at the level most experts don’t even understand, your life will change for the better forever. It’s what happened to me, and mind you, I already knew a lot.

The Energy Blueprint is something I genuinely want you to have in your head as you make the needed lifestyle changes today’s performance culture is requiring of us all, less you suffer from constant tiredness and fatigue, and the myriad of mounting consequences that lead to a shorter life.

We all need to optimize the way we live and say goodbye to the excess stress that tires us out, burns us out and wears us out and again, that starts with understanding the new science of energy.

I can’t recommend The Energy Blueprint enough. I actually need my clients to know this so they get even better results when they establish a performance lifestyle they can call their own.

If you want a lifestyle that fully supports you and what you are up to in the world, then click on the link below and take the free masterclass. You’ll be glad you did. I was.

Listen to a Masterclass free.

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