Performance Coaching


It’s not from the neck up, or about incentives alone and it’s not to be confused with productivity.
Performance is about understanding what it is to be human, and learning how to function and perform in life at your full capacity at any given point in time, given your present life situation—your circumstances, constraints, supports, and boosters.

Too many of us, learn one aspect of even a small component of one aspect of lifestyle, and think that we’ll suddenly have so much more energy, our health will dramatically improve, and we’ll just start being more successful with higher function and performance expectations; and either it just doesn’t happen, or you can’t sustain it for long.
The reason why that happens is simple, there was more to the equation than you learned, and you never established a Performance Lifestyle.
The biggest challenge you face is having a complete understanding of things, as most practitioners and coaches only know niches of human performance, and it’s rarely learned or applied in a lifestyle context.

With Performance Lifestyle® training and by working with me, we’ll solve that core problem and save you up to 20 years or more.

So, when I talk about performance coaching, I’m talking about helping you optimize each aspect of your lifestyle, step by step. Conversely, that one aspect that we determine you need to work on most. Just know it’s connected to so much more and you need to get it all working for you in your life.

Insight in what you need to work on, will come from our discovery session(s).

On the front of the website I spoke of a “road map.”

Here it is:
MyPL365 Training will be training you on each aspect of lifestyle and then when you hire me as a coach we can apply the teachings to your life situation to evolve and transform it.