Joanne Goldman

Executive Software Sales

I knew I was exhausted and needed a break from my high-achieving life, but I didn’t begin to acknowledge my true condition until hearing John Allen speak at the 2006 CoachVille Conference. The more I learn through the 7-Step Performance Lifestyle Plan, the more I’m able to manage the precious energy that’s needed for goal achievement. Moving forward, my dedication to putting my health first will allow me to increase productivity without jeopardizing my health or success, like I have so many times before. I can achieve my work goals without sacrificing my performance goals! Seems so simple now; but all it took was my willingness to do whatever it takes and accept John Allen’s know-how and support along the way. I look forward to further study and mastery of the process with the many resources the Lifestyle Coaching Center provides.


Cheryl Miller

M.A., M.S. Exercise Physiology and Community Health Administrator, State of Kansas Health Promotion Program, HealthQuest, Founder

As the administrator of the State of Kansas health promotion program for 40,000 employees, I thoroughly enjoyed working with John Allen and his staff to provide a wonderful series of tele-clinics for our employees. As an exercise physiologist and wellness professional I was impressed with the solid science behind Performance Lifestyle content…I am looking forward to working with John Allen and his team on future projects. John is a delight to work with. He follows through and provides even more than he promises.


Shamus Brown

Sales Coach and Internet Entrepreneur Industrial Ego

I thought I was eating healthy and working out a lot, yet I couldn’t lose the last 15 pounds to reach my goal weight. In one session, John Allen spotted the problems in my eating habits and directed me to the true way to eat healthy without struggling. In a few weeks’ time I am halfway to reaching my ideal weight, and I know that I will be there in another few weeks. But that is only the start of what I’m up to. I’m getting into a Performance Lifestyle! Thanks JAM!


Rosemary Davies-Janes

President Miboso Personal Branding Consultancy, Toronto, CA

I examined and upgraded my lifestyle. The Performance Lifestyle is realistic and practical for those of us who are up to achieving big dreams. I’m very happy!


Rebecca S


I don’t cry easily but I couldn’t hold back the tears as I read about all the people who have struggled with the Curse and never known the way out. After seeing several psychiatrists’, trying different meds and never feeling better I had lost hope. Then somehow I joined the group and the understanding and relief began slowly and has never stopped. The book reminds me of how compulsive achievement was for me, and how breaking free has given me the satisfaction in my life that has always been missing. You always say empathy is the key to success, it took my legal mind several months to believe you and I think you have given the reader many examples to make a most convincing case that without knowing how to enter the world of others we are lost in space.


Coach Dave Buck

CEO CoachVille.com

Success at all costs is really not success at all and often leaves communities, families and lives in its vast depleted wake. If you have lived as a depleted high achiever, you probably know this already. But the BIG question is… what do you do about it? The Curse is a trap with no easy way out…until now! Dr. Ciaramicoli and Coach Mollenhauer have put together a deeply provocative game plan for true success like nothing I have seen before. In each stage you’ll discover insight, touching examples and juicy questions that reveal the core dynamics of “the curse”. Understand them so you can PLAY the games of your life again with joy, resiliency and full self-expression, and win.


Frank M.

Owner of Construction Company

My only regret in reading The Curse of the Capable Dr. C is that you didn’t write it ten years ago. Today I am mostly free of the obsessive drive to succeed at all costs but if I had known years ago what stages I needed to understand to make myself comfortable in my own skin I could have saved my marriage and been a better father. I hope every driven person who is misdirected to obtain love and success reads your book, the journal questions are challenging and they make you very thoughtful about what motivates your behavior. What a great compliment to our group experience. The stories are very moving and of course I recognized some of the people including myself. As I read through I felt hopeful for myself and all those like me who are capable but could never find the real key to success


Michael Port

New York Times Bestselling Author of
“The Think Big Manifesto”

Being a high-achiever doesn’t mean squat if you’re not healthy. Moreover, the healthier you are, the more you achieve. This book is a wakeup call and the antidote for those of us that are consumed by the fast pace of today’s world. But it won’t slow you down. In fact, it’ll put you on a fast train to the ultimate in well-being—complete health and substantial wealth.


Linda M.

Project Manager

As I read through the book, I also realized again how thankful I am and how blessed I am to be one of your patients. The stories are so powerful and of course as a group member I have personally witnessed the transformation of people, like myself, from being cursed to being free to live to our true potential. I wish that all those who have been trying so hard all their lives and yet never feeling complete would read and study the four stages outlined in your new book. I think if everyone would read my favorite chapter “The Spiritual Learner” we could bring about harmony in our world. Thank you for your patience and wisdom and for understanding what no one seemed to grasp in all my efforts to feel more fulfilled.


Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum D.O

SRSHEART.COM Director, Women and
Heart Disease Heart and Vascular Institute
Lenox Hill Hospital, New York

Understanding who you are becomes paramount to taking care of yourself. Making lifestyle choices begin with self-awareness, the story you tell about your life and how you are in the world. If this story is not supportive, it gives rise to Performance Addiction and a spectrum of unhealthy lifestyle choices which lead to the problems we see every day. This book, The Curse of the Capable enables people to gain insight into this not well explored or explained cycle of personal destruction that can occur even amongst the most accomplished. It is a great book to read if you want to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, successfully.


Joel Fuhrman, MD

Author, Eat to Live and Eat for Health,
Family Physician, & Nutritional Researcher.

This important book shows how the quest for impressive achievements can lead many down the path to unhappiness and self-destruction. This book is a must read for those wanting a better understanding of the human potential for self-peace and happiness that is obtainable by all. After all, our physical health is dependent on many factors, including our intimate and caring relationship with others and our mastery over our competitive drives that could sabotage those relationships.


John H.

Northeast Sales Manager

As I read The Curse of the Capable I thought of the people I’ve known and others I haven’t known that haven’t been as fortunate as I and others in group. I thought of the star athlete you and I know who took her own life after a sports loss and how it might have been for her had someone like you been in her life. As I read through each of the 4 stages my heart swelled after each story and burst after each success which I know personally. I wanted to say this – You are a blessing Dr. C. A blessing for Anthony and me, Gina and the countless other lives you’ve touched. Nothing in life could ever compare to the significance of what you’ve done and continue to do for others – not a pro baseball contract, not running 50 marathons, not even a doctorate degree or writing a book or anything else for that matter could EVER compare. This book is your best ever!


Tom K.

Retired CEO

I drove my business to the top, working 80 hour weeks, traveling frequently and when I finally arrived I told my partner I felt Cursed. Why? No inner peace and just more to do every day, not at all like I imagined. I neglected my wife and children, all the while thinking we would all be happy once I was successful, had loads of money and a bigger house. Well, Dr. C, your book and your work has proven I, like many others, have been living according to a myth that drives each of us into the ground. I am proud to be one of the stories in your new book, proud because I am an example of someone who was lost and now who has learned the skills to be on the road to peace of mind. Your book, like your groups, requires hard work, nothing achievers will balk at but it is a different kind of work. It is work for the soul and the heart. Something I knew little about. Everyone will benefit from this book that makes the commitment to open up and learn. Congratulations!


Maret Maxwell

Bio Medical Engineer

And it works. I am 54 years old and have been applying this approach for just over one year. In that time, I’ve lost 25 lbs of body fat, my blood glucose has gone from being my doctor’s primary concern to a topic we don’t discuss, and I have all the energy that I need for my lifestyle. I don’t go to a gym and I don’t go hungry. But what is most important is that the approach was so easy to integrate into my life, that I know I will stay on track. The monthly year round support I get in the Training Center really helps!