Training and Workshops


I love working with people where they’re at most of the day, and with groups.

In addition to the virtual training we do via phone, online and email, I can come to your place of business or organization to do a live training or workshop.
What’s the difference between a live training and workshop? For starters one is longer, and the other is shorter.
For instance, my company runs a corporate training called the Performance Edge, where we help you prevent burnout, predict fatigue and elevate your performance by optimizing your sleep performance—the one third of life that is foundational to your wakeful hours.
This training is a full day at your place of business, or organization or on retreat. You can learn more here.

We also run workshops introducing people to the whole idea of living a performance lifestyle and deliver the roadmap needed to help your team, your group or you company improve their human performance.
Workshops can be customized to focus on any aspect of a Performance Lifestyle.


To learn more or book a training or workshop, contact me here.