Lifestyle Nutrition — Healthy is a Given. Fuel Your Body for Sustained Success and Longevity

What would happen to your body if it received all the nutrients it needed to stay healthy and perform at its best? You would look, feel, and perform better than you ever thought possible. And the great news is, it’s all within your power—and it’s a pleasure!   ~JAM

Over the past few decades, America has become the most overfed and undernourished nation in the world. Every day, the link between diet and disease has become more and more apparent. Most of the foods sold in a typical supermarket rob us of our health.

Science has identified more than 50 essential nutrients that the human body needs to perform at optimal levels, with even more phytonutrients being discovered every year. Since our body cannot produce many of these nutrients on its own, they must be obtained from plants and dietary supplementation.

For centuries, our ancestors received their nourishment from whole-food sources like vegetables, fruits, grains, berries, seeds, greens, sprouts, and nuts—grown in pesticide-free soil that was rich in probiotics, enzymes and minerals.

Today, if we want exceptional health, we must maintain and improve it purposefully and consciously through intelligent lifestyle choices. That includes supplying our bodies with the balance of pure nutrients and energy provided by nutrient-rich superfoods.

Intentionally and thoughtfully choosing delicious, satisfying nutrient-rich superfoods—to infuse our bodies with everything they need for optimal health and performance—is at the core of Performance Lifestyle® Nutrition.