Activate and Strengthen Your Body

Course Synopsis

A body that is fit for generating and regenerating the power it needs can succeed amidst the physical and mental rigors of goal achievement. Building momentum through a structured but flexible fitness strategy that respects your present situation and focuses on preparing for events will inspire you to train and sustain a fit body. In this course, you’ll learn how to activate and strengthen your body with proven techniques used by professional athletes.

Course Description

Athletes stay in shape by training year round to develop and maintain their fitness. They rarely miss a workout because of their approach and the driving reasons behind why they stay fit.

The same approach can work for you, even if you aren’t currently a sports or fitness enthusiast. And it’s easier than the exercise regimens many people try to put in place. You’ll be able to access a wholly different approach than the average person who is trying to lose weight or get fit for the beach.

Having a body that can generate and regenerate the power it needs to succeed amidst the physical and mental rigors of goal achievement is essential. You can build momentum through a structured but flexible fitness strategy that respects your present situation and focuses on preparing for events. By aligning your strategy with evolutionary biology, bioenergetics, and seasonal variation, you will maintain your inspiration to train and sustain a fit body. This is a pivotal aspect of your lifestyle success strategy and is essential to supporting the level of performance you want.

Rest assured, you’ll still be ready for fun in the sun at the beach! But you
’ll also be ready for a whole lot more in your life.
In this Essential training, you’ll learn the five premier strategies for activating and strengthening your body, designing a fitness routine that meets your needs, and maintaining your fitness throughout the year. You’ll also learn the key elements for determining the next steps to sustain your training.

What’s Included

    In-depth playbook providing core training materials, including course concepts, educational content, and actionable steps
    Live, virtual events delivering training on specific topics related to the course
    Live, virtual events to introduce the course and host interactive Q&A sessions
    Live interview with a leading expert on regenerating your life force energy

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