Tell a Supportive and Optimistic Story

Course Synopsis

Your personal story has been developing since childhood and is probably connected to your ancestral history. How you frame your story is a primary determinant of your psychological self-esteem, how others perceive you, how you experience your energy, and how well you perform. In this course, you’ll discover how projecting a real, but positive, personal narrative attracts productive, valuable relationships, as well as how your story can change when you optimize your lifestyle.

Course Description

One of the most significant hidden lifestyle challenges you will face is the presence of subconscious stories just below your level of awareness. This programming from the past is often deeply embedded and can cause you to automatically run routines of all kinds, many of which do not serve you or your goals. These mindless, recurring stories conflict with mindful awareness, an essential component of consciously navigating through life.

The mystery of subconscious stories can seem to transform into a curse when you know what you need to do to live better, but you can’t seem to make yourself do it and keep reverting to old patterns. Knowing your true potential and not being able to achieve it can be a stifling, disappointing way to live.

You can change this. With a transformative process to modify your story based on the power of empathy, you can unleash a torrent of potential adjustments in your life that will make the impossible possible and help you overcome current limitations.

In this Essential training, you’ll discover how to turn fear into strength and anxiety into action with the 5-Step Change Your Story Process © . You’ll also uncover some of the deeply held cultural and personal stories you have about yourself that are distracting you and holding you back from the level of balanced, healthy performance you want.

The material in this training is based The Curse of the Capable, a book written by Harvard psychologist Arthur Ciaramicoli, Ph.D. and Performance Lifestyle founder John Allen Mollenhauer, CPLC (with a foreword from Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms).

What’s Included

    In-depth playbook providing core training materials, including course concepts, educational content, and actionable steps
    Live, virtual events delivering training on specific topics related to the course
    Live, virtual events to introduce the course and host interactive Q&A sessions
    Live interview with a leading expert on regenerating your life force energy

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