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Are you tired of being tired all the time, driven by the “non-stopness” of modern life that leaves you drained, thinking something is wrong with you, despite your drive and passion to succeed?

Are you ready, or at least inquisitive about giving rise to a new lifestyle you can call your own free from that performance addiction of the past?

Welcome to the Performance Lifestyle podcast where we talk about the antithesis of the performance addicted life; where you learn that it is possible to live in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

In fact, it takes a new understanding of who you really really are, a lifestyle mindset and skillset that most of us have never learned following standard or even progressive “healthy living” guidelines, which are just too limited to deliver on what is possible.

So join in and enjoy the podcast by founder, Performance Lifestyle Coach and entrepreneur John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM,” and famed leader of the first revolution, in fitness, the Philosopher of FIT Shawn Phillips.

We will explore the present situation of our lives in 2018 and beyond and discuss what it really takes to thrive amidst the relentless demand in our lives based on the experience of your hosts and that of a world-class lifestyle advisory team.

If you are a working parent and business professional, in particular, facing relentless demand and the inevitable overwhelm, exhaustion and fatigue… that ensues, even a creative artist or athlete, this is the podcast for you.

You’ll discover how to get your energy back, live a healthy lifestyle successfully and crush it in the live-performance of your life like you never thought was possible in the way you’ve been living to date.

That’s what happens when your performance is a lifestyle, you master the fundamentals and wake up to be successful every day.

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