It’s our mission to help you recuperate from excess stress, so you have less fatigue, more strength and fasterrecovery in your everyday life. You may or may not be an athlete, but one thing is for sure, you are parent, a professional and a performer in your own right and stress, fatigue and potential consequences are ever-present in your life.

As a leader in human energy, health and resilience solutions, Performance Lifestyle Inc., who works with leading trainers, coaches and lifestyle entrepreneurs, is helping practitioners and or the facilities or companies they work for, set upa single or multimodality RegenusCenterby Performance Lifestyle® so that whole populations of people can experience the power of regeneration where they are.

Whether you are interested in opening a standalone Regenus Center or one that is within a wellness center, gym or corporation, here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, we can get you started.

Not only will your people gain access to the finest recovery solutions available, they will soon have access to what’s next—what you do outside a Regenus Center to make sure that you are living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals. It’s called a Performance Lifestyle.

Make the Regeneration Transformation™

Medical Science, especially emergency medical care, is second to none has its place in our society, but drugs and surgery alone do not keep us healthy. When it comes to energy, health, and performance, we must develop resilience, and that requires the regular and systematic presence of recovery as a function of one’s lifestyle.

Recovery therapies, provide the daily or the 3-times per week experience that can make the difference, starting with Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy, known as LLLT, or PBMT, Photobiomodulation Therapy.

Novothor is the only solution in the market that meets the power density, wavelength and dosage requirements that will deliver on the pain management, vitality, and wellness, performance and recovery results you’re looking for. Everything else is a cheap substitute that doesn’t make the grade.

It’s Photosynthesis for the Body.

Novothor is the first whole-body light pod delivering PBMT to the whole body. The same technology used in handheld medical devices now regenerating your client’s whole body and the brain is a game changer.

At a Regenus Center by Performance Lifestyle, your clients will:

If you are interested in learning more about opening up a Regenus Center by Performance Lifestyle® in your gym, wellness center or company, or a standalone Phoenix Regen facility, contact us by filling out the form below to get started. Apply Here

More intense and higher volume training
Improved Muscle Strength
Reduced Post Exercise Soreness
Decreased Injury Recovery Time
Faster return to sports training
Decreased Inflammation
Improved Lymph Draining
Improved Blood Circulation
Increased Energy
Overall faster return to wellness
Side Effect Free
Increased Range of Motion
Decreased Pain
Muscles, Nerves, Tendons, Joints

Additional therapy options include handheld red-light therapy, cryotherapy, spot cryotherapy, compression therapy among other leading recovery therapies essential to healing from the effects of excess stress, Plus with the ability to offer Performance Lifestyle to your clients Regenus Center by Performance Lifestyle in the only recovery and support business system, that integrates recovery therapies with lifestyle training and coaching and consumer products like nutrition, so that you can serve your client 365, even if they’re not local and able to come into your center.

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