I no longer think about what I can’t or shouldn’t include in my diet, but rather that I can have as much nutrient-rich food as I like because it’s health promoting. The results are amazing! It’s amazing how much time I have to focus on my family and career goals now that diet and exercise issues are becoming enjoyable and effective parts of my
Michele Katz
Business Executive, Coach

John Allen will show you the greatest lifestyle mindset and skillset strategy on earth as you create a performance lifestyle; the one thing. I highly encourage you take his teletraining series. You will not be disappointed.
Alex Mandossian
Marketing Online

I work with up to 200 entrepreneurs each year and John Allen is outstanding. He is passionate, professional, and committed to your success. Any client of John Allen’s will get results because he is a great coach!
Chris Barrow
Founder and Principal, Million Dollar Coaching Practice

I learn something from John Allen every time I talk with him that I can easily put it into practice, and my energy gets better each day in a performance lifestyle.
Dave Buck
CEO, CoachVille

As the administrator of the State of Kansas health promotion program for 40,000 employees, I thoroughly enjoyed working with John Allen and his staff to provide a wonderful series of teleclinics for our employees. As an exercise physiologist and wellness professional, I was impressed with the solid science behind John’s content. I am looking forward to working with John and his team on future projects.
Cheryl Miller
M.A., M.S. Exercise Physiology and Community Health Founder owner of Fairchild Wellness Retreat

The Performance Lifestyle system has helped me transform my life. I’ve reduced my body fat by 8% and I’ve increased my energy dramatically in a short period of time, putting into practice the successful lifestyle strategies John Allen teaches. Thanks to John Allen, living healthy has become more fun and more convenient and really about my success!
John Paul Micek
Restore 818