Performance Lifestyle® [PL] Training is the first truly integrative, holistic lifestyle training available.

In addition to addressing the traditional health trinity of lifestyle nutrition, fitness, and premiere sleep training, Performance
Lifestyle bridges the gap between health and success, helping you establish the essential lifestyle habits you need to
know to live your life like a pro!


Performance Lifestyle was born in the world of professional athletics, but defined for the world today. Excessive stress and fatigue are the biggest problems facing the everyday achiever. This new lifestyle, mindset, and skill set help you achieve your most
ambitious goals while living a life of balance, vibrant health, and peace of mind.

People today have so much going on that they burn out in the name of performance and success. Worse, most health and wellness practitioners only deal with the symptoms, focusing on inadequate diet and activity levels, while ignoring root causes of fatigue
and overdependence on the psychological self.

Motivation is rooted in both motive and energy: when human energy is depleted, so is motivation. One’s lifestyle
usually follows in a downward spiral that few know how to escape.

John Allen Mollenhauer, with the help of a world-class team of health and human performance experts, set out to develop
a context-correct lifestyle training using the metaphor of sports and the idea of living more like athletes do to perform better. You don’t have to be a sports or fitness enthusiast to benefit—most athletes don’t even know performance as a lifestyle.


As a curriculum for living, Performance Lifestyle training will help you understand today’s challenge: we have access to more
information and opportunity than ever before, and we are driven to achieve ever-higher levels of success. The busier we get,
the less time there is to take care of our selves, our bodies and our lives. It’s time to get free.

Performance Lifestyle is the antithesis of that life. It’s for people who want to be healthy, high achievers. Those who want to stop burning out and no longer trade health for success—although they will succeed each day by learning what
it means to live in balance.

The bedrock of the training is the Performance Edge™—
Predict Fatigue, Prevent Burnout and Elevate Your Performance. This is the training that will help you optimize the 1/3 of life on which the other 2/3rds depend. Download: The Science of Sleep and Workplace Fatigue.

The core of the training is PL365®—
Training for Life: The 12 Essential Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life Like a Pro. It’s in this year-round, series of monthly trainings that you learn the fundamentals of successful living and how to optimize your lifestyle to look,
feel and perform better.

Performance Living 101™— The Secrets to Living with Optimal Energy Levels. Energy is the #1 resource anyone has, and all aspects of human function and performance depend on it. So how to you reliably perform at peak well into the future? This 6-part course will answer that question.

Optimal Performance State— Where Living in The Zone and In Flow Are You New Normal. Resilience is not a psychological game alone, it’s an energy game. But even more than that it’s learning how to live as who or better said, what you really are.

We teach people, including trainers and coaches that serve them, to resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract
and hold them back. Our participants evolve with a new lifestyle mindset and skill set to thrive in the performance culture we
live in, achieving their most ambitious goals with their health and wellbeing intact.

If you have any questions, please contact us. If you are interested in coaching, or are a certified trainer or coach who wants to become Performance Lifestyle ® Certified, go here.